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Endless Ritual



Elias | Endless Ritual, DJ & Producer


Elias Wijnmaalen, professionally known as Endless Ritual, is a Dutch DJ and producer of electronic, progressive & ambient music. Endless Ritual started as a DJ in 2017, then in 2020 he started producing his own sounds as well. Coming from a very musical and mixed lineage his music is deeply rooted, beyond time and space. Taking you with him on an endless journey into sound. Constantly evolving and renewing himself, to keep the flow going and the energy timeless. Endless Ritual is set to deliver a captivating experience.

As a producer of Techno music his sounds are very sensitive and powerful. With multiple layers in his music he can bring you to higher spheres and deep strong energies, connecting everything together. Constant motions that you can feel in your body, raw, heartfelt sounds that make people connect on the dance floor. Endless Ritual is also part of CONTRAST, a collective of artists collaborating together to create an immersive experience. Constantly growing together and pushing themselves to be limitless. Using music, art and audio visual video’s. Celebrating contrasts and diversity. Currently CONTRAST is working together on Project Desert Flower, a project with 4 tracks of DJ/producer Endless Ritual, 4 artistic video’s by visual artist Khmi, in collaboration with Art Director Air-i-kah. First release to be expected in the end of October/beginning of November 2023.


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